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Get Involved

There are many ways you can help!

Our volunteers are our most valuable asset! We have a lot of jobs to be done for each event. Let us know if you want to help at a particular event or a particular function at an event. 

Want to volunteer for one of the following positions at our events?

Hit the "Contact Us" button below!

  • Course Marshals for our Ta Ta Trot

  • Registration workers at all events

Women's Race

Our Donors

Ounce of Prevention gives back to the community with help from our volunteers, fundraisers, and donations. We want to thank all of our very generous donors over the years!


Click the link below to see more information.

Do you want to hold a fundraiser for

Ounce of Prevention

We would be honored if your business, organization or sports team wanted to hold a fundraiser on behalf of Ounce of Prevention.


Contact us to discuss how we can partner for your event! 

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