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Our Mission

At Ounce of Prevention, our mission is to unify the small efforts of many to create a greater impact to assist those diagnosed with and affected by cancer in Marshall County, Indiana. 

We Will Accomplish Our Mission By:

  • Raising awareness of the disease with young people to move from a reactionary stance to a predictive and preventative proactive alliance

  • Provide resources to help the under-served in Marshall County

  • Develop a support network to those whose lives are affected by breast cancer

  • Coordinate individuals and groups who, in themselves, cannot make as big an impact as we can jointly

  • Responsibly oversee funds to do the best good for the most people in our community

  • 100 percent of donations are donated back to the community

Our Story is Ever-Changing...

In response to the community’s needs, our mission is fluid and ever-changing. Our fundraising efforts began with a simple wine and cheese party, then grew to include a variety of activities and events including:

  • In the past, we've partnered with the Nancy Jaynes Memorial Scholarship. 

  • Supporting the Health Center by donating funds to assist the under-served in acquiring mammograms.

  • Supporting Hello Gorgeous! to help boost the confidence of those going through chemo and radiation treatments

  • Provide assistance to address physician-referred needs as they are presented

  • Scholarship to a Marshall County school student whose family has been impacted by breast cancer or who actively engages with Ounce of Prevention.

  • Sept 22nd was proclaimed "Plymouth Goes Pink Day" by Mayor Mark Sentor, resulting in donations and activities from various organizations to call attention to breast cancer.

  • PHS’s Operation Leadership collaborated with OOP to create pink soccer day and sold promotional items for donations


Initially focusing exclusively on breast cancer, Ounce of Prevention has recently expanded its scope to envelope all types of cancer, when it supported the creation of and began underwriting the role of Nurse Navigator at the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, Plymouth Campus.


Lois Carver ( and Kelly Skirvin share this position, serving as a liaison for those newly diagnosed or further down the cancer treatment path, in whatever way they need.

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