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Patient Navigator

Here for a reason greater than us.

Discovering that you are about to battle cancer can be frightening, confusing and overwhelming. To assist our patients and families through the treatment process, Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center offers the support of a Patient Navigator.

Kelly Skirvin, RN, has an extensive background in medical oncology and years of experience working as a floor nurse on medical-surgical units. As a Patient Navigator, Kelly provides education, emotional support and anticipatory guidance to you and your family. They will serve as your advocate and educator to ensure that you receive the support and knowledge you need to navigate through the health care system.

Role of the Patient Navigator

  • Helps patients communicate with their healthcare providers so they get the information they need to make decisions about their healthcare

  • Assists with questions to ask your doctors

  • Helps you locate support groups

  • Provides you with more detailed educational material pertaining to specific types of cancer and treatment options

  • Offers resource information regarding financial assistance, home health needs, insurance issues, medication assistance, transportation and other concerns

  • Assists in setting appointments for doctor visits and medical tests

  • Functions as a hospital 'go to' person for staff when need be

  • Provides you with a primary point of contact

Contact Plymouth Patient Navigator:

Call (574)231-6474

Kelly Skirvin -

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