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How We Give Back

We are very pleased to be able to donate some of our funds to the following agencies and programs listed below.


Through our volunteers hard work and fundraising efforts we have been able to provide the financial resources to help these organizations provide the great products and services for both cancer patients and cancer research.

Marshall County Community Foundation

The Marshall County Community Foundation supports new and existing programs of nonprofit organizations through grant distributions and provides numerous scholarship opportunities for those seeking to pursue educational opportunities. MCCF represents a wide variety of ideas and interests of ideas and interests of individual contributors who have united with a common purpose - the betterment of their communities both now and in the future through effective and ethical endowment philanthropy.

Hello Gorgeous!

Hello Gorgeous! is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides complimentary, professional makeovers and cosmetic education to all women battling all cancers. We create an experience for these women beginning with a nomination by family and friends that if chosen, includes surprising her with flowers, chocolates and a big “Hello Gorgeous!” She is pampered with spa services such as manicure, pedicure, facial and seated massage, as well as instruction in new makeup application and hair care (or hair substitution) methods advantageous to her individual issues, helping many times to:

  • Appear much less affected by her treatments

  • Strengthen her confidence

  • Empower her to feel more acceptable to the public eye

  • And, more importantly, more acceptable to herself

Before departing, we make certain the Gorgeous Woman understands how to reproduce her new look on her own. She is given a supply of the cosmetics, skincare and nail products used to complete her services that day. And all this is done for the Gorgeous Woman at no cost. She pays for nothing.

St. Joseph Regional Medical Center

At Plymouth Cancer Institute, we embrace the future of healing by offering advanced cancer treatment and care close to home. If you live in Marshall County and the surrounding communities, we’re here to provide you with unmatched resources for a seamless healthcare experience on every step of your journey.

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